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Review Specs and Price Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - White 2015

Review Specs and Price Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB - White 2015 - Apple iPhone 4 comes with a sleek and elegant design , and equipped with two-way camera that allows you to make video calls , the iPhone is also capable of recording video up to HD quality video recording . Mobile is performed with a high-resolution retina display 960x640 pixels and operating system iOS 5 . Features 5 MP camera , Wi - Fi 802.11n , 7.2 Mbps HSDPA , Three - axis gyro , Apple's A4 processor , and dual - mic noise suppression are increasingly making cutting-edge mobile multimedia .

HD Video Recording
Record images up to 1080p resolution , you can capture the moment exciting , entertaining and funny around you with perfect results . Video stabilization feature that let you take steady video with video editing features and easy to use .

iOS 6
iPhone 4 comes with iOS 6, which is the latest mobile phone operating system that is easy to use , feature-rich and stable . Designed for the Multi-Touch interface is elegant and intuitive . Some other interesting features include Notification Center where all the warning messages , calendar , friend requests and more present here . iMessage is still connect you with other users of Apple products , Reminders and Twitter integration .

This service allows you to store data such as music or other iOS apps for you to download in a variety of other devices . iCloud also replaces MobileMe service to sync email , contacts , calendar , notes , reminders , iWork , and other data .

Layer that surrounds the edge of the stainless steel body of the iPhone 4 not only act as mere decoration , but also as two antennas . The first antenna is located at the top left to the bottom , while the other antenna is located on the top , right edge smartphones to comb down . The first antenna to strengthen the signal charge Wi - Fi and Bluetooth antennas while others served to attract EDGE and 3G signals .

Since its inception , the camera in the iPhone has been spectacular , but it feels a shortage of features when compared to other smartphones . Now , the iPhone 4 comes with a 5 MP camera accompanied by an LED flash and 5x digital zoom magnification . In addition , the iPhone 4 can also record HD video at 720p quality at 30 frames- per - second .

retina Display
iPhone 4 now has a new screen . Using LED backlit IPS measuring 960 x 640 , the screen called Retina Display because of its high resolution and pixel dense . Although it has a wide 3.5 -inch diagonal screen , the same as the previous iPhone , but the new screen is capable of supporting up to a density of 326pi with a contrast ratio of 800:1 . It is able to display sharp images and colors with high quality also makes text and graphics look amazing .

Features FaceTime is one of the attractions that are given for iPhone4 users are already embedded in the iPhone 4 without having to download another app . FaceTime mMemungkinkan you to hear the voice and see the face of the other person . Designed to connect between Apple devices over Wi - Fi connection is as easy as making a phone call .

AirPlay , Direct display to an HDTV and speakers
Originally released as AirTunes , Apple's AirPlay and change the name to give a wider choice . AirPlay is a service developed by Apple to allow two devices to stream . This method can make you listen to the audio from your iOS device to the speakers via Apple TV or can also watch videos or games simultaneously between iOS devices with your HDTV.

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