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Special Price Apple Iphone 5 16, 32, 64GB Features and Review September 2015

Special Price Apple Iphone 5 16, 32, 64GB Features and Review September 2015 - Prepare for iPhone thinnest , lightest and fastest , the iPhone 5 . Advanced processor , the camera is amazing , captivating design , and various other features have been embedded in this smartphone . The wait has come to an end , which is so eagerly anticipated smartphones and comes with what you desire from a smartphone , is already in front of your eyes .see also Apple iPhone 4 - 8GB.

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Designs that Really New
Apple designed the iPhone 5 with a thinner design and lighter were initially thought to be impossible to do so without compromising performance and features . Apple responded to the challenge by creating an iPhone with a new design that is thinner and lighter with more performance and features are great . The back is coated with aluminum which makes it very sturdy as well as elegant . Be prepared to be the center of attention with the iPhone 5 .

Nano - SIM and LTE
iPhone 5 has a thickness of only 7.6 millimeters . For that Apple created simcard smaller than the previous nano - SIM is up to 44 percent smaller than the micro - SIM and LTE technology that uses two chips that function Satun for voice and one for data . With wireless technology LTE though your iPhone is thinner and lighter , but the battery life becomes more lasting wear out too quickly and too much data and the connection is very fast than before . LTE wireless technology on the iPhone 5 makes your internet connection faster and longer battery life , the very thing you need for a smartphone .

New Generation Wireless Connection
iPhone 5 supports more networks around the world that include greater network connections such as HSPA , HSPA + and DC - HSPA . Browsing , downloading and streaming content in ultra speed . Dual - band 802.11n connection also accelerate the use of Wi - Fi experience on the iPhone 5 up to 150 Mbps .

connectors Lightning
You will get a connector that is used to power the iPhone 5 menngisi and synchronization of data called " " Lightning " " . The Lightning connector is 30 % smaller than the iPhone connector ever designed before.

8 MP iSight & Panorama
The camera on the iPhone is so popular and you will not believe the photos just taken from the smartphone's camera . iPhone 5 now comes with a camera of 8 megapixel rear camera , 1.2 megapixel front camera . It has features such as Panorama so now you can take panoramic photos on the iPhone 5 's camera and features - Low - light mode to support image capture in low light conditions . With the latest A6 chip that the iPhone 5 has 2x speed faster than previous chips , and even with a smaller size that is 22 % smaller . With sapphire crystal material in iSight camera which makes it very difficult to scratch . Not only that , the ability to record it so impressive was the quality of the 1080p to 720p rear camera and front camera . Now all your precious moments you can capture easily with charming results .

A6 Processor Chip
iPhone 5 with the latest chip A6 , everything you do on iPhone 5 such as launching application , open a web page or email alert incoming appear instantly and noticeably faster with speeds up to 2x faster than the previous chip in the iPhone A5 Chip . In terms of the graph was the A6 chip is an increase of up to 2x faster debanding A5 chip , so you can enjoy higher frame rates for smoother movement and better graphics more realistic gameplay . Not only is designed to have a fast performance A6 chip that works on iOS 6 also greatly save battery power the iPhone 5 . Even with greater velocity you get more efficient power up to 8 hours of browsing with a mobile connection , 8 hours of talk time and 10 hours of video play .

Screen 4 " Retina Display
Not only larger but also the iPhone 5 screen more powerful than ever . Every smartphone can make a bigger screen but sometimes you 'll find a screen feels too large and difficult to use . iPhone 5 with 4 -inch screen is designed with very precise , bigger but you still can use it comfortably as you keep typing comfortably using one hand . With a larger view of this you will be able to see the web page more comfortable , see the inbox much more , even more apps on your home screen . Not just a matter of size , the iPhone 5 comes with a larger Retina display . With 326 pixels per inch , giving it a pixel density is so high . If you have been fascinated by the captivating screen on the iPhone 4S , then you will be amazed by the screen of the iPhone 5 because it was given 18 % higher pixel resolution of 1136 x 640 . Enjoy the richness and sharp light with 44 % saturation greater than ever . So , with the iPhone 5 , whatever games you play , the articles you read , the videos you watch , you see a picture that you like and the application will feel more powerful and real .

New Apple Maps application
With a specially designed application by Apple , this app gives you a better way to show the way for you . With the base vectors as elements of maps ( map ) makes graphics and text is so sharp even when you zoom-in . Explore the map and you will be amazed so smooth and responsive application . Need guide from Point A to Point B ? Maps not only show you how to get there , but it also tells you every turn that you must go through with voice commands . This application also gives you the latest traffic information and alternative pathways litas to avoid a longer time . You can also view images in 3D so that a more realistic view .

Siri is a personal assistant application that is so clever that can help you to finish your work . Features voice commands Apple 's exclusive , not only understands what you say , but also understand what you mean . Simply talk to Siri and she would answer like a personal assistant that will give you the information you need. With iOS 6 , Siri understands more questions , find out more answers and give you more to talk the talk . Ask Siri about sports scores or statistics , where to eat , what's new movie is running and even you can also ask Siri to post the Facebook or to tweet . Siri is also more fluent in different languages ​​so that it can be widely applied in various countries .

You can store photos , documents and other files wirelessly and automatically . Calendar , e - mail , contacts and applications that you have purchased can stay updated , stored and you use on your other Apple devices without the need to pay again .

IOS 6 Operating System
iPhone 5 you already installed by the world 's greatest operating system , iOS 6 . iPhone 5 with iOS , you 'll find apps that are already available ( built-in apps ) and intuitive technology that you need everyday , like dual touch technology ( Multi - Touch ) , and Siri are making every iPhone is very intuitive . And iOS 5 already you get for free on the iPhone 5 so that when you open your new iPhone 5 , you 'll get more than 200 new features to make your day better than ever . iOS is designed with a simple and beautiful that it makes you very easy to navigate any application , other than that you can also download more than 700,000 apps available on the AppStore other . iOS is very easy to update using only your wireless connection , and your iPhone will be warned if there is the latest software updates , so you will not miss the newest features in the latest update . other than that iOS 6 has a selection of 30 languages ​​, 35 language dictionaries , Voice Control understands 20 languages ​​, 30,000 Chinese written characters , 30 braille displays and many more .

New Apple EarPods
On iPhone 5 you also get an Apple earbud headset with latest designs . Not only will feel comfortable to wear but also very fit and safe to use . The new design has been designed with the shape and the speakers are really different from other headsets which makes it more comfortable and the sound is more acoustic feel and highly qualified .

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